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The challenge that Zelles wants to address is that of moving from a linear model, where the steps are extract - manufacture - consume - throw away, to a circular model. To apply the circular model to Zelles' production chain, we must first eco-design the collections, then manufacture in an optimized way, so that a customer makes sustainable use of the product, then have it recycled so that Zelles can eco-design a new piece from it.

Our way of manufacturing


Our products are designed in the Paris region in terms of design and pattern making so that they:

1. Last over time

2. Avoid waste

3. Are made of eco-friendly materials (recycled or recyclable)

4. Can be returned to the production circuit later through upcycling.


The manufacturing of our products is subcontracted to a workshop in Catalonia (Spain), a region with a historical know-how in textile manufacturing. 

Our pieces are made in:

1. Small quantities

2. Recycling fabric scraps and other materials

3. Avoiding waste of resources.

matieres ecoresponsables


Synthetic materials being for the most part petroleum derivatives, they contaminate the planet considerably during their production, but also afterwards during machine washing by releasing micro-plastics into the water.

For this reason, we do not use synthetic fabrics in our clothing, and we are committed to gradually replacing supplies that would contain synthetic fibers with the help of committed partners.

Thus, Zelles only designs its products with natural or artificial materials that were manufactured in Europe in a sustainable way. This limits the environmental impact, and the effects on the skin are not harmful.

The materials used at Zelles:

- Cotton from organic farming

- European linen

- Tencel

- Lyocell

- Ethical wool


This step is essential in the circular model as it allows us to close the loop:

1. All of our large scraps and leftover fabrics are kept for reuse in future collections

2. Smaller scraps or damaged materials are passed on to specialized recycling companies (who turn them into insulating wadding for the building industry, for example)

3. As for finished products, we strongly encourage our customers who no longer wish to keep them, to resell them, donate them, put them in the collection bins or contact us directly.

We have little surprises in store for ourselves in connection with upcycling!

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Our products are eco-designed in noble materials and quality sewing. That's what allows them to endure the passage of time. We encourage our clients to wear them for a longtime and take them back to us for repair if need be. We have also written a guide with tips for caring and washing the products in a sustainable way.
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