Zelles marque de mode éco-responsable


n.m. (latin zelus, du grec dzêlos)
Eager to serve a person or a cause to which one is devoted.

feminine personal pronoun 3rd pers (latin illa, that one).
Used to replace or represent a feminine plural noun.

Zelles is a brand of eco-responsible ready-to-wear clothing for women, aiming to dress women in their zealous daily lives, thus contributing, through its various biases, to the evolution of the world and society towards a more sustainable future.

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We seek to dress women in a daily life where they must constantly prove that they are up to the task and that they will not give in. In this context of perpetual questioning, we want them to find allies in our clothes, and in the Zelles community. Together, we advocate for an equality where women and men each have a place in their own right, where the mental load and daily tasks are distributed in a balanced way so that there is no longer any perceived professional inequality.

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When we thought of our project, we thought of it for the future. And for us, there is no future without making serious commitments to saving the planet. That's why at Zelles we do everything we can to offer products that are as respectful as possible, both in their composition and in the manufacturing and delivery process.

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Chez Zelles, la transparence et la traçabilité sont des maîtres mots. Because we believe in what we do, and how we do it, we give you direct access to our production line.
On our e-shop and on the product labels via a QR code, we give you precise details about the individual impact of our clothing.

For example, for each product, information about: 

- Water consumption

- CO2 emission

- Chemical use

- Where the garment was made

- Miles traveled

- Number of people involved in producing the garment

In the future, more technological initiatives will be deployed to serve our goals of transparency and traceability.

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