Zelles marque de mode éco-responsable

Our story

Zelles is first and foremost a story of friendship.
On the initiative of Marta Bascones, currently undergoing professional reconversion in 2021, the project has seduced her lifelong friend, Julie Goujon, by its audacity and bias.The two childhood friends then joined their skills and embarked on an entrepreneurial and ecological adventure. ecological adventure.

Our beginnings step by step

Zelles marque de mode éco-responsable

Project design, early 2021

Julie and Marta meet in January in Barcelona and exchange on their desire to start their own business.

In February, Marta, in professional reconversion, has been working on a business project in sustainable fashion, and presents it to Julie during a professional Zoom meeting. Julie was won over and the two friends officially joined forces.

Zelles marque de mode éco-responsable

Creation of the brand, spring 2021

We begin by forming the company Bascones & Goujon SAS. Then, after long reflections, with the help of a service provider, in May we finally have a brand name: Zelles

In parallel, the sketches of the first collection are completed!

Zelles marque de mode éco-responsable

Launch of prototypes, summer 2021

Our pattern maker finalizes the patterns and the first assembled fabrics. The products take shape! We do a first fitting where we note the alterations to be made on the patterns before sending them to the factory which starts the confection in the final fabrics and colors in September.

Zelles marque de mode éco-responsable

Finalization of prototypes and shooting, during the winter 2021/2022

Several back and forth trips were needed with the garment factory over the winter, and in early 2022 we finally have all the models finalized!

  • Marta Bascones Badrinas


    Co-founder and President

    Barcelona native with a French heart and lawyer with an artistic soul. 

    Didn't thrive in the legal-corporate world and having always had an adventurous side, Marta developed a plan to switch careers, which started with a training in styling and pattern making at Istituto Marangoni in Paris, followed by two brief internships in small Parisian brands. It was at the end of these that she confirmed her desire to create a company in sustainable ready-to-wear.

  • Julia Goujon Talavera


    Co-founder and General Manager

    Not a fashonista!

    Julia, nicknamed Julie, has always been focused on numbers and data analysis until Zelles came along. Once unattracted to the world of fashion, Julie decided to embark on the Zelles adventure because it's not just a fashion brand, but an eco-responsible and feminist activist project.

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